SL publishing has arrived...snapshots of the thinc book published today after many travails.I used Microsoft office publisher to write out the text and to then save them and upload to SL as a jpeg image:
The Thinc book can only be produced using textures. Each texture costs 10Linden Dollars to upload.
You need a Thinc book -65L$ and
A Thinc printing press,cost about 700L$,IN ORDER TO make multiple copies of the book which can then be given away or sold.
Mine was made as an advertisement for the school and can be copied by anyone.
I A lot of work went into the book but I am sure that if you are not technologically challenged it shouldn't present great difficulties.
So anyone want to publish a book? I can help! the press is ready to roll.
Very nice object.Very pleased with the result.

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