Feedback on 'Slanguages2008 confernece

Some reflections on the conference I attended this weekend:-
The format-sitting down in SL for long periods listening to someone talking and showing slides seems to illustrate the present limits of SL. A lot of talk about innovation and novelties/different approaches but almost all of the speakers uniformly choose the same style of presentation. Actions speak louder than words and for all the great hopes that virtual worlds hold out the conference illustrated the presnt limitations of SL. Whether this is because of the medium or the lack of time/imagination/preparation of the speakers is a point for debate.
I realise the difficulties that SL presentation throws up.
The content of the talks were interesting and thought provoking. But the ones I were able to attend (sorry had to go to sleep after a day of exam marking and then the conference-the timing of the conference during the exam period makes my contribution limited) followed the same pattern-there was no attempt to form smaller discussion groups or to illustrate the teaching methods talked about by participation.
So very useful for learning about the tools of SL. Less successful in seeing different methods in action.
When the technology failed or malfunctioned speakers had no plan B- it seems teaching in SL is still a long way behind standards that would be accepted as normal at other conferences-which is understandable and perhaps a true reflection of its state at the moment; which is very promising.
The enthusiasm and love of the medium-SL-of the participants is demonstrable-people do not stay up all night to attend a educational conference in RL!! Education in SL is still a baby but it appears to be a strong and healthy one.;-)

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